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“True art is characterized by an irresistible urge in the creative artist.”
~Albert Einsten

Working in her studio at Shady Oaks Cottage, Angie Bolling says, “Here I’m inspired to follow that irresistible urge to create my unique kind of art. And that means anything can happen!”

Inspired by the colors & textures of Mexico, Mardi Gras, and folk-art from many cultures, Angie creates original mixed-media pieces. “My impulse to recycle used materials combined with traditional techniques of drawing & painting bring interesting results, especially when mingled with the spontaneity of assemblage & collage. I love creating something beautiful…with a sense of fun.”

Strongly influenced by her Deep South roots and love of family & friends, her drive to create and share continues to open endless channels of expression in the various studio arts, needlework, decorating & design, art directing, writing, and teaching.